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It is unimaginable to know the depth of pain in losing a loved one on that devastating September 11th day, but hearts across America remember and want to honor those we lost upon a national memorial. We dedicate our hearts, passion, talents, and time to memorialize those who lost their lives on that fateful day, to pay tribute and to honor the life of each loved one lost. We dedicate ourselves to this preservation not only for the families but also for the children for many generations to come.

Days after September 11, 2001, Jeannie Ammermann founded America’s 9-11 Memorial Quilts Organization. Jeannie began her quest with a few people who believed in her mission, and today, more than 500 volunteers across America have joined in this thread-of-life memorial. It is our hope to memorialize those we lost in a compassionate and uplifting way, with great respect, dignity and honor, to heal hearts and preserve memories for years to come. As families, friends and even strangers look upon the quilts, to see the brilliant smiles, sparkling eyes, and the warm individual personalities that reflect from the hearts of those we lost, may each person feel the warmth and love of those we lost radiate into their hearts to bring them a peaceful comfort. Heart to heart across America love has been woven into each stitch of America’s 9-11 Memorial Quilts. As families look upon these quilts, may they feel the warmth and comfort of our nation’s love wrap securely around their hearts to ease their pain while honoring their loved one.

With permission from families, a loved one, or a liaison for the families the faces and names of each victim will adorn 9 beautifully crafted quilts along with numerous symbolic renderings that represent that day in history and to commemorate the victims of 9-11-2001. The individual quilts represent the FDNY, EMS, NYPD, NY/NJ Port Authority Police, NY/NJ Port Authority Staff, NY State Court, Flight 93, The Pentagon, and the Victim’s Quilt (nicknamed by families America’s Quilt). To date many photos have been submitted for inclusion upon these loving memorials. Families are able to include the photo of their choice to have their loved one honored upon these quilts. Because of the deep love families have for those they lost and their willingness to share photos, stories and the lives of their loved ones…their loved ones continue reaching out to touch others in a positive way. We all want to embrace the beautiful memories of these amazing people by keeping their passions in life alive within our own lives…to keep their spirits living for years to come. We thank the families for sharing their loved ones with us today and with many others for years to come. Your loved ones will always have a place in our hearts. Hearts across America remember and always will.

With permission for the inclusion of photos, the Victim’s quilt will have the photos and names of ALL victims of 9-11. Scenes will include the WTC towers, the Pentagon, and an airplane to represent Flight 93 in Pennsylvania. Surrounding each section will be photos and names of all our lost loved ones who were taken from us that day. Proposed size is 10 feet by 60 feet. Additional symbols will be the Statue of Liberty, our nation’s symbolic eagle, the US flag, recognition of our Armed Forces and representation of those who died from Anthrax. Sections of the quilt will include separate departments such as the FDNY, NYPD, EMS, PAPD, Pentagon, Flight 93 as well as each individual company. We believe those who worked together should be honored together on a section on the quilt. Boldly printed in red lettering across the top of the quilt, Jeanne Letizia captured the hearts of America in her statement "The Light Of Liberty Will Never Be Extinguished In Our Great Land; It Glows Not In Any One Place But In The Hearts and Souls Of All Americans Everywhere." Team leader is Connie Daniel with Jan Seidel along with many volunteers across America. The construction of this quilt is being done in Herbster and Barronett, Wisconsin. When completed the quilt will be dedicated and donated to all families of 9-11. The quilt will be accepted by many coalition representatives for the families including William Doyle. Currently, the Victim’s Quilt is being considered by the LMDC for permanent placement at the WTC Memorial site.

The FDNY Quilt is being constructed in Washington, Illinois by team leader, Peggy Hessling. Helping is Jan Mishler, co-leader and a large number of volunteers. In the center of this quilt is the Fireman’s Prayer surrounded by the 343 fire fighters that perished in the line of duty. We are also honoring the 3 retired firefighters who responded to the WTC and perished while caring for others The quilt is red, white and blue with 75 hearts to represent the stations that lost firefighters on 9-11. Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta has authorized the use of the patch, logo and vehicles. The quilt will allow us to further honor America’s heroes who bravely and passionately dedicated their lives each and every day to rescue and care for others. Because of their great strength and courage many lives were saved not only on 9-11 but each time they answered a call for help. This quilt will be dedicated to families for permanent placement at the FDNY Headquarters but Sandy Sansevero, of the FDNY Museum has shown interest in having it preserved at the FDNY Museum.

DR. Elizabeth Holley from Ridgewood, NJ is constructing the NYPD quilt. A total of 23 photos will be on this quilt. Elizabeth has designed and cross-stitched many mementos for this loving memorial. This quilt will preserve the strength, courage, and dedication these officers had in dedicating their lives to serve their communities and perished in the line of duty. The NYPD Quilt will include the NYPD shield, broken heart centered with police shield. The broken heart will not touch the shield and will have 23 smaller hearts streaming from it. An image of the only portion of the towers still left leaning cross-stitched in smoky grays and will have a phoenix rising from the ashes and when it opens its wings, upon the chest will be the NYPD Patch. Elizabeth has stitched an image of the Twin Towers with the words, "All Gave Some, Some Gave All.” Elizabeth has done the Twin Tower representation for 5 different quilts. Represented upon the quilt are the NYPD letters, an American Flag with the NY Skyline in its background with a faded image of the Twin Towers. Across the white strips of a flag will read, "No greater love hath man than to give up his life for his brother.” Below the flag is the NYPD Police Patch. Also included below the patch is the 4 awards given to each fallen officer, and a NYPD Police cruiser. The NYPD has authorized and approved the use of the NYPD Shield, patch, and logo for use on the memorial quilt. We wish to thank the NYPD, Commissioner Raymond Kelly, Deputy Commissioner, Stephen L. Hammermann, Anne Stone and all who are involved in this decision, to those who support our work and who assist us in creating this monumental memorial quilt honoring 23 of New York's Finest. A special thanks to Chief Joe Fox and the staff at Patrol Brooklyn South.

The EMS quilt is under construction in Dixon, Illinois with Sue Ramage as the team leader. The quilt is red, white and blue with the date of birth, the name of the emergency department where these dedicated emergency personnel worked, as well as the names and photos of these heroes. Surrounding the border of the quilt will be various quotes. One quote was written by EMS quilt member Sheila Werland will be included, “May Our Honor And Respect For Each Of You Be As Great And As Everlasting As Your Sacrifice Was For Us.” The quilt will share with the world the strong determination and dedication these heroes had in trying to help others not only on that fateful day but each time they answered a call. The quilt will be dedicated to the New York Emergency Medical Services.

The Pentagon quilt has many hands sewing the thread-of-life memorial to loved ones lost at the Pentagon including those from Flight #77. We have tremendous respect for all our military personnel that have protected us and continue to protect each one of us. We are at a loss for words to properly thank our military, but our hearts are deeply grateful for the protection, peace and the freedom they diligently maintain for us, for the world, and for the world’s children for generations to come. This quilt will share a reflection of the protection, peace and freedom they have given us. Irene Rose and Kathy Kline from Michigan as well as a tremendous amount of friends and co-workers will be involved in the construction of this quilt. With the number of volunteers working on this quilt it is easy to see just how important preserving the memory and life of all 9/11 victims is to all of us. This quilt will be constructed in two sections, each section will be approx 91 x 82", Lettering will be done in gold appliqué or embroidery. The quilt pattern will follow Nana's Garden Quilt that will allow us to represent all the colors associated with all military branches as well as Flight #77 airliner colors and our country colors. Included on this quilt will be the uniformed military personnel, military civilians, vendors, and the crew and passengers of Flight #77. With permission a total of 184 photos will be on this quilt. This memorial quilt will one day be dedicated and donated to the families of the Pentagon and Flight 77. Permanent placement for the Pentagon quilt will be at the Pentagon. For her help in contacting families, we’d like to extend a special thanks to Meg Falk from the Pentagon.

The Flight 93 quilt has been accepted and will be permanently placed in the Flight 93 memorial center in Pennsylvania when the memorial center is complete. The Flight 93 Memorial Quilt represents many aspects of our nation and its people. Incorporation of the US Flag represents each individual aboard Flight 93 as being from all corners of our country which in a moment of terror, banded together in a time of tragedy and fought against those who attempted to take the lives of many more citizens on the ground. The words, "One Nation Under God, Indivisible" represent the 40 individuals who would not be separated from their vow to stop the terrorists from further killing and took a moment to find peace and acceptance with their higher power before doing so. Representation of the State of Pennsylvania and a star, which will give description to Shanksville, represents the location of the downed airliner. Photos are 5"x7", names will be embroidered below the photo. May the families of Flight 93 find solace in knowing we shall never forget your loved ones, the Heroes of United Flight 93. Belva Gray and Connie Westrick are team leaders from Wabash, Indiana.

The NY/NJ Port Authority Police Quilt has been completed. It was dedicated and donated to the families of the NY/NJ Port Authority on November 15, 2002 at Ground Zero. The PAPD quilt shares the deep strength, bravery and dedication of the hearts of each officer lost in the line of duty while saving others. Andrea Bair of Salt Lake City, Utah was the team leader for this quilt. This quilt is of the courthouse log cabin design that have been tilted or turned slightly at various angles to create a random design. The blocks are not repetitive or uniform, meaning each block has a slightly different form and a varying array of fabrics. The most wonderful thing about this style is that it is easy to incorporate all the personal touches (i.e. symbols and poems, patches that are unique to the USA and the New York/New Jersey Port Authority and most importantly, the victims). The photos of course are the center of each block. Each precious photo was printed on off-white fabric with strips of dark blues & reds. The darker shades of reds and blues were used so that the photos clearly stand out. The names of the victims were sewn below the photos. Surrounding the border, Pat Gibson from Park Rapids, MN, hand embroidered the names of each Port Authority officer. The French knots at the beginning of each name represent stars. Pat used them to add a special sparkle to each name, like a halo on an angel. Thank you Norma Manigan, Public Affairs of the NY/NJ Port Authority Police Department for the warm reception upon our arrival at Ground Zero. Also to Superintendant Charles D. De Rienzo and Chief Joseph Morris Jr., Allen Morrison, Public Information and Caroline Hennessey, Director of Charitable Development. We want the families and the Port Authority of NY/NJ to know we will never forget the 37 fallen officers and Sirius; their memory will forever live within us. To the officers who survived, God speed and we pray each day for your safety as you continue to protect and preserve life. A special thank you to Mrs. Cirri for the beautiful heartfelt acceptance of this quilt. Within your words, our organization realizes it meets its goal of help in healing and of remembrance of all who perished on 9/11/01. Many thanks to Mrs. Gorman, Mrs. Mazza, and Theresa Creedon, and all the families of 9/11, you all are a pillar of strength and we hold the greatest respect for you. May your loved ones memory shower you forever with courage, love and faith.

The NY/NJ Port Authority Staffing/Administrative Offices quilt is nearly complete. Robin Pappas is Team Leader, Sharon Jones is Co-Leader, and will be constructing this quilt; Lula Henley will be handling the cross-stitching for the quilt. Sioux Falls, South Dakota is where love is being sewn into this quilt. Jean Kwiatkowski of Byron, Illinois will be hand quilting this quilt soon for its completion. This quilt will nearly follow that same pattern as the Port Authority Police Quilt. Since the PAPD and the PA Staffing offices are both closely associated, we thought it be best suited to be constructed of the same or similar pattern, colors, etc. Of course there will be some differences in the two quilts but it is basically the same pattern. The quilt will be donated to the NY/NJ Port Authority Staffing/Administrative Offices.


We are very happy to announce that Ellen Donnelly will be constructing a Memorial Quilt to honor the 3 heroes of the New York State Court. Ellen is from Maumee, Ohio. The New York State Court Memorial Quilt pattern design will be the "Courthouse Steps" design. There can be no other design best suited for the three heroes of the New York State Court who died on 9-11. Photos size will be 5x7". Proper fabric color and patterns will be chosen to bring out or make visual, the courthouse steps appearance. It is difficult to see the pattern with the colors and patterns used in this test block but when we do choose the right pattern of colors, we will post an updated photo on this page.

Tribute to the lost is another way we are honoring all lost loved ones of 9-11. We are honored to have among us a warm, compassionate and talented writer who is writing a tribute poem in honor of each individual who perished. Individual poems will be mailed to each family. Diane Huggins comes to us from Burgettstown, PA.

A few words follow from Jeannie Ammermann, President of America’s 9-11 Memorial Quilts Organization. “It is with great honor to have this opportunity to help preserve all heroes of September 11, 2001. Our mission is one of compassion, support, unity and vigilance. We are not business, politically or religiously oriented, we come from all faiths, all walks of life and we come with dedication to a cause that we deeply believe, the preservation of the lost... to recognize each as a hero, to ensure we as a country of compassionate people give proper tribute and preserve the life and legacy of these lost lives. Now in our 44th month, America's 9/11 Memorial Quilts continues its commitment to preserve the memory, life and legacy of all the victims of 9-11 for decades to come. We offer our hand of friendship, hope and compassion along our journey of remembrance to say to each family, "We Will Not Forget".

Heart to heart across America, from family to family, and friend to friend the information about these loving quilts has traveled. We give special thanks to all the families and friends who have helped share the information about these loving quilts with others. A heartfelt thank you also goes out to Bill Doyle and the many family coalition groups, FDNY, NYPD, PA, NAEMT, the many employers of the WTC and Pentagon, for their support and efforts to help us reach families of our lost loved ones. We would appreciate it if people reading this story would share the quilting information with others. By reaching out to others, we wish to reach all families to inform them about this loving and compassionate memorial so they have a chance to decide if they would like to honor the memory of their loved ones name and face upon the national memorial quilts. My heart thanks you for your help.

If you have not submitted a photo of your loved one for inclusion upon the quilts please send a photo to:

America's 9-11 Memorial Quilts
1209 Lexus Place
Cookeville, TN 38501

Email photos or questions to or or

We all want to embrace the beautiful memories of these amazing people by keeping their passions in life alive within our own lives to keep their spirits living for years to come. Teresa Jahn

America's 9-11 Memorial Quilts Organization
1278 Sweetwater Lane #101 Naples, FL 34110

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