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Katsman Park - Lubbock Texas

In the United States and 60 countries around the world September 11, 2003 is the second anniversary of a brutal attack on innocents. It is also the second anniversary of abiding and terrible grief.

To all those who lost family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers on September 11, 2001, our hearts are still with you. To the rest of us — never forget — because they can't.

Baker Company, Iraq
The proud warriors of Baker Company wanted to do something to pay tribute to our fallen comrades. So since we are part of the only Infantry Battalion left in Iraq. The one way that we could think of doing that is by taking a picture of Baker Company saying the way we feel. It would be awesome if you could find a way to share this with our fellow-countrymen. I was wondering if there was any way to get this into your papers to let the world know that "WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN" and are proud to serve our country. Semper Fi. 1st Sgt Dave Jobe "Baker 8".

Terry, a long-time GriefNet member, has been kind enough to share her perspective at this two year anniversary. She works one block from the the World Trade Center in New York, and wrote about her feelings the first time two weeks after 9/11/01.

Two Years Later
by Terry,
GriefNet member

I used to take for granted that when I left the house to go to work in the morning I would return safe and sound every night. That was until 9-11.

I used to feel secure in my surroundings, I was free to travel and to roam and I would not have to worry. That was until 9-11.

I cringe when I hear on the news that there could be another terrorist attack. As the threat level rises so does my anxiety level. Now I leave the house and wonder if I will be safe in my travels, will I return home safe and sound. Will home still be there? It has been two years since the feelings of apprehension developed in my stomach. The uncertainty of it happening again makes me realize that the sense of safety and security I grew up with has left, and in its place has grown a sense of fear, concern, and insecurity.

Before 9-11 those two massive towers greeted me each day. As the sun shined on them, they in return shined on me as I walked from the train station to work.

Now I must take a ferry to New Jersey in order to get to work. As the ferry turns around the southwest side of Manhattan Island there are two vacant holes in the skyline. There are no giant masses that catch the sunlight and reflect it back on me.

Today there was an emptiness, which I have seen and felt for the last two years.

We not only lost the towers, friends, and family members; but we also lost our sense of security, and in return we gained a sense of fear.



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and bid you Namasté (peace).

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