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Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Grandma, Grandpa, Teacher, Babysitter, Neighbor.... 
This is where your questions and answers come in to play on KIDSAID.

Delayed Reaction
6 year old lost his Papa (Great Grandfather) A 15 year old greiving over Grandpa
These two kids are missing their Dad Lost Dad and Uncle within 3 days of each other
We lost our Moms, and I'm still the Dad Two girls' Father died suddenly
Will little brother remember his big sister. I'm a teacher, my student lost his Father
Russian roulette took our friend My Stepdaughter's Mother is dying
10 year old lost Grandma last night Why not a message board
Explaining death to someone with Downs My son's friend lost his Dad
Lost students from car accident My 7 year old lost his Grandpa
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PARENTS and CAREGIVERS, Please take note of a new resource we have found for children who have lost one or both parents: LARGO CANYON STATION: A School for Heroes
A resource for children who have lost one or both parents, and for adults who may have lost one or both parents as children. Excellent links to additional sites.

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Young Child's Understanding of Death

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