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10.    11/09/98 05:47:53

Name: mihawg2
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was very happy to find this sight after losing my brother to suicide and my son's father to a heart attack. I hope it will help him and me

9.    11/08/98 06:11:55

Name: Dalphna Curtis
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It's a good site. I am an only child and lost my mother to pancreatic cancer in July '98. My 11 year old daughter just pretends it didn't happen. I don't know how we're going to make it through the holidays.

8.    11/02/98 21:01:12

Name: gloria tello
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You have a terrific website and am honored to have my nephew's story as a link. I have your page linked as well. this site is informative, positive and easy to follow. you have done an outstanding job.

7.    11/02/98 19:42:16

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6.    10/31/98 20:55:45

Name: Jill


5.    10/28/98 16:02:25

Name: Kim Lawrence
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Fave Kid Site #1: Loved it all

So thrilled to see a site geared for kids who are grieving. I lost my 15 year old son Aug. 5, 1997 and left behind were several grieving friends and a younger brother. I am now in the process of establishing a grief resource center in our high school li rary where I work and would love to add your site to a reference pamplet that will eventually be made. Hope the site gets more response from other kids and more poems and stories and artwork is submitted. Thanks again.

4.    10/28/98 02:50:01

Name: Sarah
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About 3 years ago I was about to kill myself. But I had a friend that cared about me so much, she got me help. For the past few weeks I have been talking to a friend that has been thinking about it. I have been helping him and talking to him. Being th kind of friend that he needs. He is now getting help and the support he has needed for so long. I just want to let the kids, all people, that are giving up on the hope that things will ever be better... THINGS DO GET BETTER IF YOU GET HELP. Life isn't something you want to throw away. It is something to grasp and cherish. Love, Sarah

3.    10/21/98 18:12:29

Name: Jim Nagle
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couldn"t get around very well, but I'll be back. My 8 yo son lost his mother a year back

2.    10/21/98 02:30:43

i'm glad there is somewhere to go and ask questions and receive thoughtful answers

1.    10/18/98 14:26:52

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I'm glad I found you. I was looking for something for my kids. Their Dad (my husband) died April 15.

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