Have you ever noticed that someone else looked so sad or hurt that you wanted to help them but just didn't know how?  Sure, this has happened to all of us.  Have you ever had someone else notice when you were feeling down or when something had hurt you?  What did they do that helped you?  Was it something they said?  How did you feel after that?
  • What has helped you? 
  • What has helped your friends, or other kids you know about?
  • How did you approach them?
  • What did you say?
  • Did you already know what was bothering them, or did you have to ask?  How did you ask?
Send us your ideas and we will post them here, so everyone can benefit. 
Helping Others
~ Ashley, 14, Michigan ~
When people notice when I am sad they come over and try and make me laugh. it's not hard to make me laugh, I'm the kinda person that smile's to even my enemies, for some reason I can never stop smiling.
~ Steven DeRobertis ~
I know how hard it is to deal with having your parent split up.  When I was just a baby my parents split up.  My dad got to have me every other weekend.Some times he would not show up and it made me real sad and anger.  But he would take me some where fun when he had me agian.
~two sad sisters~
We are  two sisters who lost our dad due to drinking. What helped us is when we found out we were not the only ones that there dad or mom died of this. We could talk easier to them then with friends who had two parents. The best thing we did also was talking to our friends and not be ashamed why he died because we were. 

It has been a year now and we wished we had our dad back the dad that didn't drink. Now we are losing our great uncle, he is in the hospital dieing, it was all of a sudden. we love him very much and wished God would let him get better and live.

Arlene J. Mills
On December 24 of this year one of my very best friends was ripped from this earth by a car accident. The last three days have been the hardest. We both go to church and I found out that if you hold all of the emotion in you are just going to prolong all of your grief. So if you are a female go ahead and cry, if you are a male go ahead and cry. These last three days I have spent with a bunch of my male friends that act so tough at school but I'll tell you this all of us were sobbing little babys. Another thing that helps is go to church it helps a lot. Belive me it does and talk with friends, go over and support the family they will need it.