Frogs & Toads
American bullfrog   
Golden mantella   
DISECT a virtual frog!  
Taking care of an African Bullfrog  
Froggy Page  
Declining Amphibian Population Task Force  

Alligator snapping turtle   
Eastern box turtle   
Bog turtle 
Turtle Trax - A Marine Turtle Page Turtle Reading Material

Brown tree snake  
Northern copperhead  
Eastern diamondback rattlesnake  
Timber rattlesnake  
Lots of Snake Pictures  
Burmese Python as a Pet 
Boa Constrictor as a Pet  
Caring for snakes in general  
Rough Tailed Green Snake  
Massachusetts Snakes  
Snake related sites on the WWW 

FAQs About Alligators And Their Kin  
American Aligator  
American AligatorII  
Feeding Time  
Myths & Facts  
What's the Difference between Gators & Crocs?  
What are caimans & gavials??  
The babies are so cute, can I have one for a pet?  
Check out the Aligator skull & xrays!
Crocodilians on the Net  
American crocodile  
Crocodile Wrestling  
Marsh crocodile or Mugger  
Nile crocodile   
West African dwarf crocodile   
Crocodilian Links  
Paraguay Caiman or Yacare   
Schneider's smooth-fronted caiman  

Gila monster  
Green iguana  
Caring for Newts and Salamanders  
Leopard Gecko  
Plated Lizard  
Blue Tongued Skinks  
Green Anole
Reptile Rage  
Australian Bearded Dragon  
Genus Uromastyx  
"Bad Iguana!"  
IGUANAS   **note: the iguana site is very kewl!

So Many Pets!!!  
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