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Birds as Pets
African Grey Parrot 
Hook Bill Haven 
Alex The Grey's Home Page 
Steven Whatley's Grey Page 
Bubba and Vito Page 
Tiki's Page 
Tarzan's Page 
Buba's Page 
Lovebirds and Lories 
African Love Bird Society 
African Love Page 
Lovebird Page 
Lories and Lorikeet
Amazons (many types) 
Cody the Melle Amazon Parrot 
Parrot Page 
Casey's Page 
Kerky's Page 
Macaws (many types) 
Huey and Red's Page 
Phantom's Macaw Page 
Red Barron's Page 
J.B.'s Page 
The Budgie Place 
Budgie Information Page 
Budgie Mania Page 
Homer's Page 
Oliver's Page 
Sigurd's Page 
Quality Bird Corp. 
Budgie Colors Page 
Budgie Tips 
American Cockatiel Society 
National Cockatiel Society 
Rei's Care and Feeding Page 
Paco's Page 
Sammy's Ever-changing Story Page 
Wolfi's Page 
Quality Bird Corp. 
Dusty's Bird Stories 
Cockatiel Cabin 
Jun's Homepage 
Quaker (Monk) Parakeet 
The Quaker Information Center 
The Quaker Book Page 
The Quaker Page 
Cassie's Pets Page 
Doug and Cathy's Page of birds  
Jade's Page 

Bad Bird List 
Canada Goose  
Ruddy-headed goose  
Hawaiian Goose or NeNe  
North American ruddy duck  
Black swan  
Trumpeter swan  
Whooper swan  
Mute Swan 
Black-necked swan  
Mandarin duck  
North American wood duck  
Mallard duck  
Great horned owl  
Barn owl  
Snowy owl  
Screech owl 
Victoria crowned pigeon  
Hooded crane 
Demoiselle Crane 
Andean condor 
Northern bald eagle 
Micronesian kingfisher 
Toco Toucan  
So Many Pets!!!  
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