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Sometimes Less is more!  I got lucky in Cow searching!

That leaves room for a little story......
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Personally, I never saw a cow as anything more that a walking steak or a milk machine.... UNTIL  I had the oppertunity to work at the Stockyard (Ogallala Livestock Auction Market) in Ogallala, Nebraska with the Baltzell Veterinary Clinic, that was back in 1989!

Often times, when you've grown up, you look back on memories, and you'll remember what was best, not necessarily  being accurate.  The way I remember my experience there, was non-stop learning about something I love very, very much - Animals.  But Cows?  Yep.... Dr. Baltzell taught me how to shampoo, condition, blow-dry, and block (giving a style hair cut to) cows for the Denver stock show!!!!  Blow dry a cow??  My same reaction!!!!  It was fascinating.  I have enough problems giving myself a good hairdo.... but a cow??  Seriously!  And ya know what???  The cows / steers / calves... they loved it!

We did a lot of other things there too.  Branding, artificial 'breeding', vaccinating, collected blood, etc.  My job during all that technical stuff was to push the cows,  bulls , and claves through the chute, and to 'nose' them.  That when you put this device thingy in their nose, atached to a chain or rope, and wrap the rope around a trailer hitch welded to the chute.  This did not hurt them!!!  For the Doctor (Veterinarian) to treat the animal, his or her head needed to be held out of the way so the Dr. didn't get hurt.

Also Dr. Baltzell's family had a pet bull names Petie.  I don't think Petie even knew he was a bull!  You could hug him, set on him, whatever you wanted.  If you were in his view, he'd almost whine like a dog for you to come give him some attention.  If you were in his pen, he'd be so close he'd step on you sometimes, licking your arm and nuzzling your back or shoulders!  That bull was something else!  WHY did they have him at a pet?  Well, he was supposed to be the main course for someone's wedding.... but that's what happens when you buy an animal young thinking you are going to raise it for slaughter!!!!  You get attached to the animal and he becomes your friend.... then you're stuck with him!

I remember this job as being the most fascinating job I ever had, although short lived, I loved it!  If you ever get that rare opportunity.... DO IT!!!  Even if it's just for a few weeks.  Even if you don't love it, you will never forget it, and you'll learn a new respect for those animals!

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