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Wolves Canidae ~ The Dog Family Coyotes
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Canis Lupus  
Will the wolf Survive?  
Mexican Wolf  
The Wolf  
Wolves in Alaska Today  
Timber or Gray Wolf  
Wolves in the RainForest  
2nd Grade Report on     Endangerment  
Red Wolf  
The Wolfpack
Alopex lagopus [Arctic Fox] 
Atelocynus microtis [Small-eared dog] 
telocynus microtus [Small-eared dog] 
Canis aureus[goldenjackalorcommonJackal] 
Canis latrans [Coyote] 
Canis lupus 
Canis lupus dingo [Dingo] 
Canis lupus familiaris [Dog] 
Canis lupus lycaon [Gray Wolf] 
Canis rufus [red wolf] 
Simien fox,or Abyssinian wolf] 
Chrysocyon brachyurus [Maned wolf] 
Cuon alpinus [Dhole] 
Fennecus zerda [Fennec fox] 
Lycaon pictus [African hunting dog] 
Nyctereutes procyonoides [Raccoon dog] 
Otocyon megalotis [bat-eared fox] 
Urocyon cinereoargenteus [Grey fox] 
Vulpes pallida [African sand fox or pale fox] 
Vulpes velox velox [Swift Fox] 
Vulpes vulpes [Red fox]
A truely heartwarming story  
American Howler  
Native American Lore  
Coyote Parents  
Canis Lantrans  
Weight (lbs) 70-115 20-35 Variable
Height at Shoulder 26-34 in. 16-20 in. Variable
Color black, white, all shades of gray & tan, grizzled, never spotted all shades of gray & tan, white or black very rare, never spotted. Variable, may be spotted
Tail Carriage hangs down or straight out, never curls hands down or straight out, never curls Variable, may curl
General Appearance massive, long legged, first impression is often calf or deer delicate, medium size, dog-like proportions with fox-like face. Variable
Ears rounded, relatively short, never hang down pointed, relatively long, never hang down Variable, may hang down
Muzzle large and blocky long and pointed Variable
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