We know there a LOT of talented writers out there!  Would you like to have your stories or poetry displayed here?   You won't get famous, but we here at KIDSAID would sure like to discover you, and publish your voice!
          Your story can be in any format, any style.  It can be prose or poetry.    It could very well be your own story of a time in your life you would like to share with others.  You can give it a title or not, as you wish.  You can use your real name, your pen name, or no name at all.
         Send it to WRITE STUFF along with your name, age, and where you are from. 

Our Stories & Poetry

8 times by April Given
I Can  by Sarah Lee
in memory of my boyfriend Justin by Hillary Zaer
In Threes by Conrad
Kid Feelings by Elizabeth Lynn
Loss  by KJB
My Dad  by Brett
My Sister, Simone by Karina Kelly

Not a Good Year  by Eveline
Untitled By K8ie 68

Here in Phelan, California at Pinon Mesa Middle School and Serrano High Schools have been getting treats that they are coming to blow up our school.On a teachers door they put KKK and with a knife. 
Please stop the nonsense
His prescence-an evanescence
slowly fading into a trail of smoke
Rising into the air, drifting further away
He is free-yet I am chained
Forced to forget
the Memories that held us together
Why did he go? Will I see him again?
Questions flood my mind.
He is all around me
yet I cannot see him
Will he still be there
if I let go?
This is a poem that I've heard that helped me when my friend Katie died in a fire. She was 11 years old. 
When God calls little children 
To dwell with Him above 
We mortals often question 
The wisdom of His love. 

For no heartache compares with 
The death of one small child 
Who does so much to make this world 
Seem wonderful and mild. 

Perhaps God tires of calling 
The aged to His fold 
And so he picks a rosebud 
Before it can grow old. 

God knows how much we need them 
And so he takes but few 
To make the world of heaven 
More beautiful to view. 

Believing this is difficult 
But somehow we must try 
The saddest word that mankind knows 
Will always be goodbye.

And so when little ones depart 
We who are left behind 
Must realize that loves little children 
For angels are hard to find. 
Submitted by Genevieve Santen 

The Door 
I've been hurt bad, 
but I'm going to let you in. 
Please realize the pain and scars are still open. 
Knowing there not healed, 
I'm letting you get close. 
Watching and learning your every move, 
hoping you'll be different. 
Not judging me by my past, 
but helping me throughout my life. 
As I left you in, 
remember I'm fragile and weak. 
Things you might say may hurt, 
or make more wounds. 
My heart is open to you, 
weather you take it or scar it. 
But my heart is open to you only. 
If you hurt me, 
I'll lock my door to my heart. 
Never opening it again. 
So please make me a promise, 
that if I trust and love you, 
and my heart remanes open, 
I put you there and you will stay there. 
And never leave me. 

By: Kristen Cabrera,  Springfield IL. 

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