This Has NOT Been a Good Year
 By Eveline
My story is true and may sound fake but I wish it was fake. the year of 1998 was the worst and most depressing year of a 12 year olds life.. 
My name is Eveline Allende and I live in Hancock Me. During April vacation the first tragedy struck me hard and fast. I just got home from a  week  vacation in New Hampshire. I got home and I was waking up from a nap I took when my cousin called she asked me if I had knew the kid who died in Hancock and then I didn't even know who died in Hancock she when she told me who it was I was shocked to hear I was actually friends with this guy. He had gotten into a car accident about a mile from my house and died instantly. That was the beginning of all my trouble. 
After Mark (the guy in the car accident) My cat who had been in my family since before me dies of a incurable brain tumor. All right, I didn't mention my mom worked with Mentally disabled people. I had gotten close to most of them seeing as One of them spent everything Christmas with us. I was on my way back from Puerto Rico (my dad lives there) from  spending a months vacation..
When I was home showing my mom the things I brought home she told me some very disturbing news.. Connie (who spent everything christmas with us) Had passed away  while I was in Puerto Rico.. Then I went to River of life bible camp. My week was great and we were all sitting around the campfire telling stories about are weak when my mom pulled in early. I got my stuff together and got in the car when she told me MY dog Smokey died.  She was even crying.. That hurt the most. Smokey is cremated in my backyard.. 
I got home and  things were going great for about 2 months when I was doing my homework and the phone rang. It was a man who lived in Puerto Rico. He was talking to my mom and I was eavesdropping when I heard him tell her my grandfather died.. that hurt.. My mom rescues cats and dogs and we got this  one cat names Fifi.. She got attacked and killed by a fox.. Everything was going great until this Thanksgiving. I found out that my cousin died of cancer... That hurt me so bad. For a while I was thinking about dying. Why do people die? Why would god do that? is there a god? Is there a heaven? These questions have been in my mind all year..
So I hope everyone else's year went good. 

And I know my new years resolution.. 

To have a year where I am thankful for all I have.. 
Eveline is hiding behind her dog... 
this is her, her Mom and their animals

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