My Sister, Simone
by Karina Kelly

My little sister Simone died on the 27th of January 1992 at 12 years of age in a tragic accident,
just thought Id share my thoughts at that time with you in poetry.

My little sister died today, she left the world and went away
everyone is looking sad, mum keeps crying and getting mad
dad just sits and stares into space
with this painful expression upon his face
my brothers in his room alone, he wont come out, his on the phone
the house is full, faces foreign to me
they are drifting around making coffee and tea
people bring food, cakes and fried rice
Im thinking the cake looks pretty nice
everyones whispering, such a tragic thing
to lose one so young, what pain it must bring
Flowers are arriving upon the doorstep, none have come for me just yet.

My sister died one day last week, our house still bustles like a city street
her funeral will be today, we,ll send her off to God they say
my auntie says put on your dress, today you must be looking your best
she puts these ribbons in my hair,
which is pretty dumb cause my sister wont care.
I look for mum she seems sick and white
I hope that she will be alright
the church is packed, the priest is there
everyones saying it just isnt fair
I see her coffin and am suddenly ill, my stomach turns and my heart stops still
I feel a twang, a darting pain
I am never going to see her again

My sister died one day last year, though dad says shes still very near
I call her name and hope she hears
I wish on stars and pray through tears
I miss her as she was my friend together in games we would pretend
Im not quite sure why God took her away
cause I needed her here so we could play
mum and dad are still pretty sad and my bigger brother still sometimes gets mad
and me well I am kind of okay, cause I know I'll be with her again some day.

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