by K8ie 68

Dear Kids Aid,
       I write this in memory of my close friend, Matthew Lee, who died of cancer at age 10 almost two years ago. He was a true inspiration to everyone that knew him, and his courage continues to give me the strength to go on.

As we sit here together,
at his grave we grieve;
I suddenly realize,
how precious life can be;

I can feel his presence,
every once and a while;
I can still see his face,
and most important his smile;

but now he's so far away,
above the clouds he's free;
from the world,
and harsh reality;

He has no restrictions,
or horrifying disease;
up in heaven he soars,
flys around with ease;

Yet somehoe it still is harder,
to have faith and believe;
that one day we will meet again,
and this pain will finally cease.

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