Who Are We?
KISAID is part of GriefNet. GriefNet is a place where anyone dealing with grief or major loss can come for help. KIDSAID is where kids can come, to get help and to help each other.
Why Are We On The 'Net'?
We're on the Internet because that's the way kids can meet other kids directly. Kids all over the world can talk to each other, give advice, get help, share stories and art, and whatever else we think of. 
How Did KIDSAID Start?
Elizabeth, daughter of Cendra who is the founder of GriefNet, decided kids needed their own place. She was nine then, in 1995, and teamed up with a boy in England, Ian, who was then twelve. Together they brainstormed the cagetories and the activities. Ian created the web site and Elizabeth did a lot of the writing, including a book called Kid Feelings. 

Then Ian moved on and due to a computer glitch the web site got lost. Rosie came to the rescue Summer 1998, re-creating the whole web site anew with Elizabeth's ideas and plans. 

What is our Purpose?
Our purpose is to give kids their own place to deal with their feelings with other kids who have suffered major losses. Kids can often help kids better than adults can, because they understand a lot of things that adults might not. 
What Are Our Goals?
Our goals are to reach kids all over the world and let them know we're here, to find out what helps kids deal with grief, and to help kids get those things that help them. 
How We Are Funded?  What are donations actually used for?
KIDSAID is provided free of charge to children and their parents, as a public service. We are a daughter site to GriefNet, the internet name for Rivendell Resources - a nonprofit organization in the United States. The internet operations of Rivendell Resources are funded by donations, sponsorships, sales of books and the dedication of volunteers.  
How Can Adults Get Involved?     
Adults can get involved in many ways.
  • They can send in resources that would help kids. They can suggest books for kids to be included in the GriefNet Bookstore. 
  • They can volunteer to help with the many jobs that are needed to keep GriefNet and KIDSAID going. 
  • They can also help by spreading the word, and encouraging children to be involved, submit their stories, and / or sending in kids' artwork for us to post in the Galeria!
How do I know this is a safe place for my children?
We have taken many precautions to make KIDSAID safe for all kids:
          -- GriefNet and KIDSAID are professionally directed by Cendra Lynn, Ph.D., who is a clinical psychologist and a grief counsellor and educator, and a certified traumatologist.
         -- All links are carefully reviewed before being placed on our site to eliminate inappropriate content. We respond immediately to messages indicating that the content of a site we link to has changed. Our site has been approved by Cyber Sitter, The Fam Award, Net Nanny, and Virtuocity's Family Friendly Site Review.

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