Thank You!

To Michael, Rosie and Kali for assistance generating graphics and supporting our web sites in the past.
To Tony, our original Webmaster, whose great talent and dedication helped GriefNet become a real Web presence, and whose counsel and assistance continue to guide us.
To Judy, who responds to each person who requests a memorial, and who diligently edits the online newsletter.
To Sheri, who tirelessly answers the Guestbook requests for information and assistance.
To Janet, whose good work and many prayers sustained GriefNet through hard times.
To Steve, who spends countless hours with the support groups to keep them working, and whose good humor and patience set the tone for all online interactions.
The countless volunteers whose efforts have made GriefNet a true community that supports and comforts people in bereavement. If you would like to volunteer to help us, please write our Volunteer Coordinator

Thanks to you a community has grown and surrounded people needing help with grief and major loss.

To donate to GriefNet, please visit our Donations page.
GriefNet is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in the United States.

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