Advertising with GriefNet is easy and simple.
There are different ways you can advertise with us.

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  1. Rotating banner ads -- Your ad appears on all the index pages of each major section throughout GriefNet and appear on each page in a random fashion.
    Cost: $50.00 per month.(Based upon the number of impressions purchased with a one time $30.00 set up fee.)
  2. Static ads -- These ads appear randomly throughout the site and are 'fixed' on those pages.
    Cost: $50.00 per month/per page.("Bulk" pages can be arranged)
Your advertising banner has the opportunity to reach thousands of people each day. is seen by people worldwide.  The average number of page requests for one day to GriefNet is over 10,000!  Average data transferred is over 30 MEGS per day.
(To view our statistics, go here.)
We also offer corporate sponsorships which operate much as the sponsorships for Public Television. Sponsors receive mention on a thank you page and banner ads on the website for a minimum donation of $500 per year. So as you can see, your banner ad can be an effective measure to increase traffic to your site.
And as an advertiser, you can check your statistics on how many times your banner has appeared, if anyone has clicked on that banner to go to your site and the time remaining of your advertising period.

Rotating banner ads require that your banner image have the following specifications:

  1. Static image -- 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high. No more than 10k in file size.
  2. Animated image -- 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high. No more than 20k in file size.
Static advertising banners can be of any size up to 468 by 60. They can be animated, static, or wording. Your choice. (Although graphics DO make a difference.)
Banners can provide a link to your website, classified ad or email. We have graphic artists available if you need assistance creating a banner.
If what you read above sounds like a good deal, then contact the Advertising Dept. at [email protected] with a description of where you want your ad to appear, for what time period and where your banner ad graphic, if applicable, can be found (Attachments accepted).
Also include at least five or six words that you want to appear below your ad.
Once we have been contacted, we will place your banner ad graphic on our server so as not to waste bandwidth.