150 Facts About Grieving Children


  Children do grieve, and with an intensity that would astound many 
adult.  We cannot shelter them from death anymmore than we can take their 
grief away. But, we can obligate ourselves to learn more about child 
bereavement.  We must begin to understand their world, their feelings, their 
hurts.  These short, concise facts are neatly organized, arranged, and 
presented as only an ex-teacher turned part-time author would do.  This book 
will not provide you with everything you ever wanted to know about grieving 
children...but it's a darn good start.              

Price: $8.00 (includes p&h) Postage will vary if not in the U.S.
Age: Ten years and up
Copyright: 1990
Endorsements: Grief Education Institute
              Rabbi Earl. A Grollman
              Darcie D. Sims
              Stephen Ministries
              Femside - Center for Grieving Children


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