About Erin Linn

Erin Linn was born and raised in Port Arthur, Texas.  She graduated from
the University of Texas and taught school in her native state.  Her first
book, *Children Are Not Paper Dolls ... a visit with bereaved siblings*,
was written as a result of the death of her six-year-old son, Michael,
combined with a growing concern for the bereavement of children. 

Ms Linn's second book, *I Know Just How You Feel... avoiding the cliches 
of grief*, tackles the topic of what to say to a bereaved person. The book 
does this with great energy, insight, compassion, and even a dash of humor.
Her third book, *150 Facts About Grieving Children*, is a reflection of her 
continuing interest and involvement with bereaved children. Ms. Linn's 
newest book, *Premonitions, Visitations and Dreams... of the bereaved*, 
is a collection of true experiences that cover new territory in the realm 
of bereavement..

Ms. Linn has been actively involved with such organizations as The 
Compassionate Friends and the Association for Death Education and 
Counseling since 1978. Featured articles about her have appeared in 
the *New York Daily News*, the *Chicago Sun Times*, the *American 
Medical News*, and the *American Funeral Director* to name a few. 

Ms Linn. has been a guest lecturer on death and mourning for numerous groups 
throughout the country including several of The Compassionate Friends 
National and Regional Conferences, the Annual Conference of the Association 
for Death Education and Counseling in London, Ontario, The Tenth Annual 
National Hospice Conference, and the Eight Annual Conference for the 
National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates and Practitioners, 
conducting the first workshop on child bereavement to be held by this group. 
Ms. Linn also conducted workshops on two of her books at the first-ever 
World Gathering on Bereavement in 1991. She is also on the Board of Directors 
for the New Song Center for bereaved children.  

Ms Linn has appeared on many radio and TV talk shows, including the 
nationally syndicated "Sally Jessy Raphael Show," where she was the 
featured guest on the first show ever produced by this studio on child

Ms Linn has endorsements for her books from noted authors Art Linkletter,
Granger Westberg, and Rabbi Harold Kushner.  Her books have sold througout
the country and abroad sincd 1982.  She now resides in Incline Village, 
Nevada, with her husband, Herman, and is in business with her son, Christopher.


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