I Know Just How You Feel

I KNOW JUST HOW YOU FEEL . . . avoiding the cliche's of grief

  Throughout our lives, most of us spend time being comforted or 
being the comforter, being consoled or being the consoler.  Both roles are 
painfully difficult and, at times, can be overwhelming.  There is an 
uncomfortable, helpless feeling no matter which side of the fence you are on.
How to approach the bereaved person is something that people have agonized 
over since the beginning of time. How often have we said or heard someone 
say, "What can I say to them?"   How often has the bereaved person asked, 
"Why did they say that to me?" This book will begin to answer these 
questions that have existed for far too long. This book is filled with simple, 
helpful words to say and things to do that will help both the comforter and 
the comforted.

Price: $9.00 (includes p&h) Postage will vary if not in the U.S.
Age: Ten years and up
Copyright: 1986
Endorsements: Art Linkletter
Rabbi Harold S. Kushner
New York Daily News
Granger Westberg


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