Children Are Not Paper Dolls

CHILDREN ARE NOT PAPER DOLLS. . . a visit with bereaved siblings

  It is the nature of grief that at a time when all of the strings 
should pull together, they seem to twist and turn in opposing directions 
leaving spouses unable to help each other and parents unable to help their 
children. Thus, the saying, "children are the forgotten mourners."  
This book consist of about 80 drawings and direct quotes by bereaved 
children relating to feelings about funerals, school, family, holidays 
and friends. It will help children understand that they are not alone in 
their feelings of grief, and that grieving is a normal and necessary process.
The feelings in this book are common for any loss of an important person in 
a child's life. Parents are encouraged to read this book together with their 
children to strengthen communication about feelings of grief within the 
bereaved family. This book has sold successfully in the U.S.
and abroad for the past 15 years.

Price: $11.00 (includes p&h) Postage will vary if not in the U.S.
Age: Two years and up
Copyright: 1982
Endorsements: American Medical News
              The Amencan Funeral Director
              Chicago Sun Times
              Houston Chronicle
              Rabbi Earl A. Grollman


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