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Abbey Press CareNotes

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Grief and Loss
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Accompanying a Loved One Dying at Home
Bearing the Special Grief of Suicide
Being Angry With God at a Time of Suffering or Loss
Cherishing Your Memories of a Loved One
Confronted by a loved One's Violent Death
Coping When Someone You Love Is Dying
Dealing With Guilt After a Loved One’s Death
Dealing With the Anger That Comes With Grief (BEST-SELLER)
Dealing With the Stress That Grief Brings
Facing Death With Faith and Courage
Facing Our Daily Losses With Faith and Hope
Feeling Overwhelmed by One Loss After Another
Finding Peace With God After Losing a Child
Finding Strength to Survive a Crisis or Tragedy
Finding Your Way After the Death of a Spouse (BEST-SELLER)
Finding Ways to Help Someone Who Is Grieving
Getting Support from a Caring Professional When You're Grieving
Getting Through the Annual Reminders of Your Loss
Getting Through the First Weeks After the Funeral
Getting Through the Holidays When You’ve Lost a Loved One
Giving Yourself Permission to Grieve
Grieving as a Family
Grieving as a Woman
Grieving at the Graveside
Grieving the Death of Your Brother or Sister
Grieving the Loss of Your Grandparent
Grieving the Loss of Your Parent (BEST-SELLER)
Healing Unresolved Grief
Handling a Teen’s Sudden Death as a Family or Community
Handling Grief as a Man
Handling the Heartbreak When a Baby Dies
Handling the Heartbreak When a Child Dies
Healing Your Grief Through Prayer and Meditation
Healing a Troubled Relationship With a Dying Loved One
Helping a Child to Grieve and Grow
Helping a Dying Child or Adolescent Find Peace
Helping a Dying Loved One Find Meaning and Peace
Learning to Live Alone
Losing Someone Close (BEST-SELLER)
Losing Your Dad
Losing Your Husband
Losing Your Mom
Making Funeral Arrangements in Advance
Mourning a Miscarriage
Mourning the Loss of an Adult Son or Daughter
Moving Through The Grief That Only A Parent Can Feel
On the First Anniversary of Your Loss
Overcoming Loneliness After Loss (BEST-SELLER)
Planning the Funeral of Someone You Love
Preparing for a Parent’s Death
Saying Good-bye to a Loved One Who Is Dying
Searching for God When You Lose Someone Close
Sharing Your Grief, Easing Your Loss
Taking Care of Yourself While Grieving
Taking the Time You Need to Grieve Your Loss (BEST-SELLER)
Walking With God Through Grief and Loss (BEST-SELLER)
When a Close Friend Dies
When Death Comes Unexpectedly to Someone You Love (BEST-SELLER)
When Grief Won’t Go Away
Wondering If Cremation Is the Right Choice

Large Print CareNotes:
same prices as above

Facing and Recovering From Surgery
When Your Prayers Go Unanswered
Wanting to Pray in Times of Sickness
Losing Someone Close
Journeying Through Loneliness
Learning to Live Alone
Hanging On to Hope Through a Serious Illness
Finding God in Pain or Illness
Keeping Up Your Spirits While in the Hospital
Walking With God Through Grief and Loss
Climbing Up From Depression
Coping With Chronic Pain
Facing Death With Faith and Courage

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