THIS IS SURVIVABLE; When Someone You Love Completes Suicide

by Sondra Sexton-Jones, MS, LPC, LMFT, Certified Grief & Trauma Resolution Therapist.

Sondra’s husband, Ray, killed himself. In this book she shares her story, her questions, and her resolve to survive. You’ll learn what to expect, how you might feel.

She guides the new survivor through the experience of having lost a loved one by suicide: anger, rage, embarrassment, emptiness, disrupted sleep, physical and emotional exhaustion, a need to constantly question, “Why?” Using clear language, this compact book offers specific suggestions toward easing the pain.

Interwoven throughout with her experience as a therapist, the author and survivor takes you into the very heart of the survivor’s experience, with words that give voice to anger, hurt, confusion, and courage.

24 pages. $6.50 plus $2.50 postage.

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