After the Loss of Your Baby: For Teen Mothers

By Connie Nykiel RN

About After the Loss of Your Baby: For Teen Mothers:

Describes ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death, infant death, and SIDS in simple terms;

Informs the adolescent about the grief process and acknowledges their tragic loss;

Discusses options offered to grieving mothers in the hospital and what to do if these options are not offered;

Warns about turning to drugs and alcohol to relieve the emotional pain and grief;

Includes teen grieving issues such as taking responsibility for memorial service decisions, manifesting denial by studying or partying too much, guilt related to substance abuse during pregancy, and reactions to the young and teen father;

Talks about the importance of avoiding immediate pregnancy after a loss as a resolution of their grief;

Educates the adolescent about replenishment of nutritional stores, spacing between pregnancies, and tells what to do to increase the chances of having a healthy full-term infant when ready to become pregnant again.

This resource is written interms that even the youngest teen can understand and is the only resource written specifically for teen mothers. It can be used as a teaching guide, for one-to-one counseling, teen loss support groups, or as a gift to the teen to let her know you understand. It is a nineteen page booklet that provides a page for writing down thoughts, feelings or poems and has a special section which lists where to get additional help.

The price is $3.50, with a $2.00 shipping charge.

Available in English and Spanish versions

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