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   WHY HER WHY NOW: A Man's Journey Through Love and Death and Grief
                          by Lon Elmer
        Seattle: Signal Elm Press, 1987.  paper; 210 pp.

"A brave and brilliant book....By sharing this true account of one of
life's darkest moments, Lon Elmer has made the experience clearer for
other men, and he deserves our gratitude. 'Tough men don't cry' is both
bad advice and a dangerous lie. Lon Elmer proves it." 
                                                      --LARRY DOSSEY,M.D.

"A most helpful, intimate story of one man's journey facing life, death,
and letting go of attachments,"
                                                --GERALD G. JAMPOLSKY,M.D.
                                author of *OUT OF DARKNESS INTO THE LIGHT*

"A book of healing all the more powerful for the writer being a
man....When a loved one dies we are forced to take birth once again. This
is such a story. There is no Phoenix here - just the deep, painful work of
coming back to life." 
                                                            STEPHEN LEVINE 
                            author of *WHO DIES* and *MEETINGS AT THE EDGE*

"There has been a great gap in the grieving literature on the male
experience of grief. Lon has shared his pain and hope from the deepest
levels of his self....I will certainly recommend *WHY HER WHY NOW* to my 
clients, both male and female." 
                                                      --NANCY O'CONNER,Ph.D. 
                                            author of *LETTING GO WITH LOVE*

In this remarkable book, Lon Elmer recounts his odyssey to the very brink
of death with Nancy, his wife of only three years, and his painful return
alone. Here is solace and understanding for all men in grief, so bereft in
a society that demands that they be "strong". From the shock of learning
of Nancy's illness (cancer) to the struggle for survival they shared, here
is rare insight into what most people dying of a catastrophic disease
experience, what you can - and can't - do to help, and how to cope with
your own fears, guilt, anxiety, and depression. Here, too, is a guide
through the minefield of grief and mourning, and an honest companion on
the path to a new life. A helpful book for anyone experiencing the loss of
a partner or friend, it is especially helpful for men experiencing a loss. 

"Lon Elmer has passed through the flames of love and death.... I urge all
who have experienced a shattering loss to read this book and learn how to
open a window of hope." 
                                                    -- RABBI PESACH KRAUSS 
                  coauthor of *WHY ME? COPING WITH GRIEF,LOSS, AND CHANGE*

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