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Knowledge of Life After Death
Helen M. Fisher

This is a difficult book to categorize but once started an even harder book to put down. The Erin in the title is a college student who contracts Hodgkins Disease and dies just short of her twenty-first birthday. This true account is chronicled by both Erin, via the journals she kept during her illness, and by her mother, Helen M. Fisher. Surprisingly, and in spite of the tragedy around which it revolves, this is not depressing reading. It is a message of hope and a promise of life ever after.

Mother and daughter first take us through the labyrinth of hospitals and overworked, and sometimes indifferent medical staffs. They picture for us the agonies of being young and ill in America; the difference between inquiring about someones health and truly listening for and caring about the response. Fisher artfully inserts personal glimpses of Erin that have been written by friends and family that not only allow us to know Erin as a real person but also serve as a tension break during the most serious sequences.

The heroine of this story dies in the middle instead of the closing paragraphs, leaving the second half of the book for Fisher to record her familys experiences after Erins death; experiences which strongly point to the continuance of life. One compelling chapter relates, verbatim, an interview with well known psychic medium, George Anderson. Anderson reveals messages and greetings to Erins friends and family members by name and with such exactitude that it is difficult not to believe in his authenticity. Other occurrences point to the fact that Erin has not only attempted contact with loved ones but has succeeded. Regardless of your personal world view or religious beliefs, you will find From Erin with Love more than just a good read. You will find it emotionally rich and genuinely thought provoking.

215 pages $12.95

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