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 With Love, Heather: A loving journey through the death process  Produced by Dan R. Gadd, HeartVisions Videotape; 15 minutes; Rheannen wanted to bring her daughter, Heather, home to die. Her daughter had been in a car accident which left her in a vegetative state for two years. She wanted to share the process of her daughter dying with the world so it might help others in making a choice about whether to bring a loved one home to die. Rheannen also wanted to show families that death doesn't have to be a frightening experience, but a very loving and nurturing one. The Emerald City Video Awards in Seattle, Washington awarded Dan R. Gadd of HeartVisions, a Silver Award of Excellence for this video. "With Love, Heather" is a loving and educational experience wrapped up in one beautiful package. Extremely well written and directed, it is a poignant, realistic video that addresses a variety of issues relating to death and dying. I highly recommend this very special experience to everyone, because each of us needs to be educated about this process. This video is especially applicable to those who wish to bring a loved one home to die. --Jamie Hills, President & Owner, New Care Concepts, Inc. "With Love, Heather" shows us how love, commitment, and knowledge can help us through a death of someone we love. This is a "must" viewing for persons wanting to support their loved one through the dying process. This is exactly how we wish all of our hospice patients could be supported through their death. -- Treasure Omdahl, Director of Volunteers & Bereavement Hospice & Home Care of Snohomish County 
 We are offering free previews of "With Love, Heather".  All we ask is that interested parties send $5.00 for shipping and handling, and the preview tape back to: HeartVisions 18919 33rd Ave NE Seattle, WA 98155 USA See order form for further details. 

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