To Touch A Grieving Heart:
Healing ways to help ourselves and others through the journey of

40 min. video,   $33.45 postpaid 
Produced by Panacom Video Publishing 

With a low price and praise from some of the finest professionals
in the field, this videotape promises to revolutionize bereavement
education. Using real life situations and stunning visual images,
this program offers a rich and sensitive wealth of information
about the journey through grief. Every viewer will appreciate the
program's caring style and practical strategies for helping the
bereaved.  Here are some ways it can help you. 
Teaching & Inservice:
More than just "talking heads," it presents complicated concepts in
an enlightening and memorable style. The bereaved do the teaching,
for they do it best. Perfect for students, staff and volunteers in
hospitals, churches, hospices, nursing homes, and funeral homes. 

Counseling & Support groups: 
Those in grief often appreciate a validation of their feelings, as
well as some gentle ideas about healing their pain. Group leaders,
clergy, funeral directors and counselors will find this video
invaluable to show to the bereaved.  As one chaplian said "Your
video isn't sterile like all the others, and I've seen many on
grief.  It is colorful, has the human touch." 

To order this video, please download and print this form, or
include the same information on another piece of paper to make sure
GriefNet will receive a percentage of the sales to help us continue
our work.

                 GRIEFNET ORDER FORM

              To Touch a Grieving Heart Video
               40 minutes,  33.45 Postpaid

Please send check and order to:   
                          Panacom Video Publishing
                          Department: Griefnet
                          PO Box 2006
                          Salt Lake City  UT  84110-2006

Other payment options such as credit cards and institutional 
purchase orders are welcome, please call us for details.  
Other questions?  Call 1-800-274-0270 or send email to us at:
[email protected]





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