an award winning video
on death and dying

President's Award for Excellence

National Hospice Organization (US)

First Place Winner

American Journal of Nursing Media Festival

"Walk Me to the Water" is a special half-hour program that intimately portrays the experiences of three terminally ill cancer patients being cared for at home.

By allowing these patients and those closest to them to tell their own stories, the program conveys a broad range of circumstances, emotions and insights.

Director John Seakwood's own experience with the loss of a member of his immediate family helped him to develop a close rapport with the patients and their families. We see the fear and confusion that is so often felt by those coping with terminal illness, along with the possibilities for individual growth and the strengthening of family bonds that can accompany this distress.

All photos in this GriefNet listing ©MCMLXXXI J. Seakwood. All Rights Reserved.

" 'Walk Me to the Water' clearly and powerfully portrays the needs of the dying. It is an excellent contribution to the field of death education. For those facing a terminal illness, their family members, and the health care professionals involved -- this film is a must."

"This brief, warm and illuminating film is the best I have seen on the dying of good, ordinary people, and the clearest testimony for the value of hospice care."

"An intimate and deeply-felt film essay on three who face death -- poetic in its presentation and intentions . . . John Seakwood has created a film that -- in its simplicity resonates with feeling and insight."


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