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Helping the Bereaved Celebrate the Holidays

This guide teaches you how to plan and produce supportive activities for 
people in grief during one of the most painful times of the year.  Topics 
include defining needs, event coordination, advertising, and program 
design.  Many original and gathered ideas for services of remembrance are 

48-page softcover book.  $7.00

Order Form How Will I Get Through the Holidays? This down-to-earth booklet is written for those who face one of the most trying times of the year for bereaved people. Idea after idea are offered under ten general guidelines, including "Accept the likelihood of your pain," "Take charge where you can," "Do something for others," and "Encounter your faith." 32-page softcover booklet. $4.00 Quantity discounts available

Order Form What Will Help Me? 12 Things To Remember When You Have Suffered A Loss How Can I Help? 12 Things To Do When Someone You Know Suffers A Loss This creatively designed double book is for both the bereaved and those who want to help bereaved people. Each half of the book contains twelve short chapters filled with practical, supportive advice. A beautiful affirmation and a photograph are also included for each. This new resource is already in its third printing. 64-page softcover book. $5.95. Quantity discounts available.

Order Form When Youre Ill or Incapacitated 12 Things To Remember in Times of Illness, Injury, or Disability When Youre the Caregiver 12 Things To Do If Someone You Care For Is Ill or Incapacitated This innovative double book is for two different but related groups of people. One-half of the book is for the acutely or chronically ill; the other half is for their caregivers, especially family members. Each contains twelve easy-to-read chapters plus an affirmation and photograph. Filled with practical ideas, this book is both warm and assuring, growing out of the authors own experiences with serious illness in his family. 64-page softcover book. $5.95 Quantity discounts available.

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