A Story of Hope and Healing
My inclination was to finish the song I had been trying to write for months. After struggling with it for a few minutes, frustration set in and I began to feel a flood of relaxation take over my hands. My body felt a flood of relaxation take over. My hands began to move on the fretboard of my guitar. Words poured out so quickly I could barely write them down. A new song was born. It happened in a way that had only happened once before in my life as a songwriter. I believe I was used as a channel by someone from the other side. For me there was an incredible feeling of peace and a warm comfort . 

In the next room, Andrea was experiencing the same thing. She knew Paige years before I was graced with meeting her and she was scribbling an outpouring of words that came from a voice crying out from the depths of her heart. Finding that we were sharing the same experience, we sat down together, and with Paige’s help, wrote “Until Then”. Andrea and I feel that Paige came to us that night because she had something to say to her husband John and all the friends she left behind.&n bsp;

The words of “Until Then” are all about “HOPE”. 
We must enjoy our lives here on earth and look with a fondness to that day when we will meet again. Whether you believe in an afterlife or not, isn’t there comfort in believing that our loved ones will be standing across a great river, on a peaceful shore to take our hand when it comes our time to cross? The great river of life where we, who are still here in body, stand on the often times stormy side, are forced to stay to make this world and our lives better, while we cast a wistful eye to that peaceful shore where our loved ones stand as we take comfort in the memory of their faces. 

We related this story and sang the song at Paige’s memorial service. For weeks afterwards people came to us saying how much the song meant to them and helped them to work through their grief. We had already discussed with some of Paige’s friends and business partners the possibility of recording the song, and also doing a dance mix version, for a charity event called “Sundance” in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, which Paige and John her husband helped to organize during the upcoming Labor Day weekend. We went into a studio and produced both versions of “Until Then”

The ballad offers a sense of spiritual healing and the dance mix reflects the ebullient healing of our lives, graced with memories of those who have gone on. After this experience, I believe we can all be channels “to others for others”...even if it is in the simple familiarity of a smile. Open your heart to the experience. Feel the healing and the HOPE!

Suzanna Mallow, September 1997 
(Suzanna Mallow and Andrea Jones are singer/songwriters
from the musical group RED LETTER DAY.) 
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