To My Family
by Amy

This letter was sent by one of the parents in our group, griefparents-accidents. Others in the group encouraged her to let her family know how much it hurt for them not to acknowledge her grief.

My Dear Family,

I would like to thank all of you for remembering us yesterday, on the 6 month anniversary of our Sabrina's angel date. Many people warned me that family and friends tend to forget, but you certainly showed them wrong. It is so nice to know that we can count on our family to reach out to us and help us in our darkest hour.


So much for fantasy, onto reality. Once again, this is coming to you without Greg's knowledge. Not that I think he would mind, he is just too upset right now to talk about anything. Yesterday was an extremely difficult day for us; did all of you just not remember or did you think we wouldn't want to talk about our darling daughter? Talking about our Sabrina keeps her alive, don't you know that?

Many people warned me when Sabrina died that grief rewrites your address book. And that family members are sometimes included in that rewriting. I didn't want to believe them, surely not our family. They are supposed to be there right, isn't that what we have always been told? I wish I had been right. I wish we had people calling us, writing emails and sending notes just to let us know they were thinking of us.

Two of the family members we least expected to stand by us and help us in this horrible journey has been Greg's dad, Fred Ray and my sister Ellie. They don't forget, they're not afraid to talk to us. I wish all of you weren't either. We are not lepers, you cannot catch depression or the death of a child from us.

We hurt, we hurt more than we ever have or ever will in our life. We are in hell and the only reason we get out of bed in the morning is because of Logan. Do any of you want to talk to us about Logan? Or is he to be forgotten like Sabrina, Greg and I have been? Logan is having a rough time. Logan does not talk anymore, he wakes up several times in the night screaming his lungs out, the Dr. calls them night terrors, he is reacting to the death of his sister. Logan is starting intensive therapy and speech therapy in the next few weeks. I would hope you would all be there for us, to help us, but again, when the chips are down, where's our family? Greg and I have come to the realization that the only family in our lives is him, me and Logan. I wish this wasn't so. I wish you would remember us, and tell us that you do, if you do.

Love, Amy
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