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Birth of My Psalms - A Psalm of Praise
Today marks a very special and important day in my life. Lord, only you could give me the gift of writing. And only you could have known that the Alice you created would desperately need this plus.

Exactly a year ago today a brainstorm hit me. I know it was you impressing upon me to release what I have felt since I started therapy. Thank you, Lord, it is all there in black and white. I picked up my pen and, with a prayer, the birth of my psalms materialized.

With my pen..

hurt was released
resentment was released
pain was released
insecurities were expressed
grief was expressed
fear was released
self-hate was realized
self-punishment was realized
anger was finally realized
child sexual abuse was realized
bulimia was confessed.

Expressions, confessions and revelations have been transferred from deep within Alice onto paper. The real Alice has come through with such a variety of emotions that I have been constantly amazed. My sense of humor and wit has personalized my style of writing. And you, Lord, have filled my mind with still another psalm. Your inspiration for writing my psalms has been every present.

My psalms have been critical to my healing. My psalms have been vital to my healing. All my highs and lows have been written down from my healing. My inner groanings are recorded for my growth.. My self-expectations have been inked so that I can set more reasonable goals. Physically, professionals were made aware of my bulimia and I have broken the binge/purge cycle. Emotionally, I have realized that il is all right to feel what I am feeling. Intellectually, awareness of myself has improved greatly. Socially, I now relate more honestly to others. Spiritually, you have been invited into Alice to share my burdens and to fellowship with me.

May psalms of praise every fill me with thanksgiving. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of wIiting. Thank you for the free expression I experience while writing my psalms. Thank you for understanding all my confusion. Accept the thankfulness I feel right now.

By Alice Salewsky

27 Feb 95


Rivendell Resources grants anyone the right to reprint this information without request for compensation so long as the copy is not used for profit and so long as this paragraph is reprinted in its entirety with any copied portion. For further information contact [email protected]


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