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The Activist Cancer Patient: How to Take Charge of Your Treatment
Beverly Zakarian
Book Review

Advanced Breast Cancer: A Guide to Living with Metastatic Disease
Musa Mayer
Book Review

After Cancer: A Guide to Your New Life
Wendy Schlessel Harpham, MD
Book Review

An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer
W. John Diamond, MD and W. Lee Cowden, MD
Book Review

Alternatives in Cancer Therapy : The Complete Guide to Alternative Treatments
Ross Pelton, R.Ph., Ph.D.
Book Review

Antioxidants Against Cancer
Ralph W. Moss
Book Review

Better Breast Health Naturally with Chinese Medicine
Honora Lee Wolfe, Bob Flaws
Book Review

Breast Cancer: Can You Prevent It?
James Lawson, Amelia Lawson
Book Review

Brother to Brother:
You Don't Have to Die With Prostate Cancer

Thomas L. Walker
Book Review

Cancer: 50 Essential Things to Do
Greg Anderson
Book Review

Cancer and the Family Life Cycle: A Practioner's Guide
Theresa A. Veach, Donald R. Nicholas, Marci A. Barton
Book Review

Cancer Happens: Coming of Age with Cancer (Capital Discoveries Book)
Rebecca Gifford
Book Review

Cancer As a Turning Point: A Handbook for People With Cancer, Their Families, and Health Professionals
Lawrence LeShan
Book Review

A Cancer Battle Plan: Six Strategies for Beating Cancer from a Recovered 'Hopeless Case'
Anne E. Frahm, David J. Frahm
Book Review

Cancer Combat: Cancer Survivors Share Their Guerrilla Tactics to Help You Win the Fight of Your Life
Dean King, Jessica King, Jonathan Pearlroth
Book Review

Cancer Free: The Comprehensive Cancer Prevention Program
Sidney J.Winawer, MD
Book Review

The Cancer Patient's Workbook: Everything You Need to Stay Organized and Informed
Joanie Willis
Book Review

Cancer Resources on the Internet
M. Sandra Wood, MLS, MBA and Eric P. Delozier, MLS
Book Review

The Cancer Survival Cookbook: 200 Quick & Easy Recipes With Helpful Eating Hints
Donna L. Weihofen, R.D., MS and Christina Marino, M.D., MPH
Book Review

A Cancer Survivor's Almanac: Charting Your Journey
Barbara Hoffman
Book Review

Cancer Talk: Voices of Hope and Endurance from "The Group Room", the World's Largest Cancer Support Group
Selma R. Schimmel and Barry Fox, PhD
Book Review

Cancer Then Healing
Micki Voisard
Book Review

The Chemotherapy & Radiation Therapy Survival Guide
Judith McKay, RN, O.C.N. and Nancy Hirano, RN, MS, A.O.C.N.
Book Review

Childhood Cancer Survivors: A Practical Guide to Your Future
Nancy Keene, Kathy Ruccione, Wendy L. Hobbie
Book Review

Colon & Rectal Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients & Families
Lorraine Johnston
Book Review

The Complete Cancer Survival Guide: Everything You Must Know and Where To Go For State-Of-The-Art Treatment of the 25 Most Common Forms of Cancer
Peter Teeley, Philip Bashe
Book Review

Coping With Breast Cancer
Robert H. Phillips, PhD and Paula Goldstein, CSW
Book Review

The Cure of Childhood Leukemia: Into the Age of Miracles
John Laszlo, M.D.
Book Review

Desperate Hope: Experiencing God in the Midst of Breast Cancer
Barbara Milligan
Book Review

Diagnosis Cancer
Robert Rykovich
Book Review

Diagnosis Cancer: Your Guide Through the First Few Months
Wendy Schlessel Harpham, MD
Book Review

Don't Die, My Love
Lurlene McDaniel
Book Review

Gary's Wish List
Mary Louise Selph
Book Review

Healing Essence: A Cancer Doctor's Practical Program for Hope and Recovery
Mitchell L. Gaynor, MD
Book Review

The Healthy Prostate: A Doctor's Comprehensive Program for Preventing and Treating Common Problems
Arnold Fox, M.D. and Barry Fox, M.D.
Book Review

Home Care Guide for Cancer: How to Care for Family and Friends at Home (American College of Physicians)
Peter S. Houts, Ph.D.
Book Review

I'll Be in the Car - One Woman's Story of Love, Loss and Reclaiming Life
Annette Januzzi Wick
Book Review

Lymphedema: A Breast Cancer Patient's Guide to Prevention and Healing
Jeannie Burt, Gwen White, P.T.
Book Review

Man to Man: Surviving Prostate Cancer
Michael Korda
Book Review

Men and Cancer
Helen Beare, Neil Priddy
Book Review

Men, Women, and Prostate Cancer: A Medical and Psychological Guide for Women and the Men They Love
Barbara Rubin Wainrib, EdD and Sandra Haber, PhD
Book Review

Mind, Body, and Soul : A Guide to Living with Cancer
Nancy Hassett Dahm
Book Review

Music Of Hope
Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Ray Charles, Andre Previn, and Other Artists
Music Review

My ABC Book of Cancer
Shannin Chamberlain
Book Review

On the Spring Tide: A Special Kind of Courage
William Rowan
Book Review

The Prostate: A Guide for Men and the Women Who Love Them
Patrick C. Walsh, MD and Janet Farrar Worthington
Book Review

The Prostate Cancer Sourcebook: How to Make Informed Treatment Choices
Marcus H. Loo, MD and Marian Betancourt
Book Review

Return to Wholeness: Embracing Body, Mind, and Spirit in the Face of Cancer
David Simon, MD
Book Review

Saving Graces: Finding Solace and Strength from Friends and Strangers
Elizabeth Edwards
Book Review

Supportive Care of Children With Cancer: Current Therapy and Guidelines from the Children's Cancer Group
Arthur R.Ablin, MD
Book Review

Tell Me What to Eat to Help Prevent Breast Cancer: Nutrition You Can Live With
Elaine Magee, M.P.H., R.D.
Book Review

A Textbook on EDTA Chelation Therapy
Elmer M. Cranton, M.D.
Book Review

We Are Our Mothers' Daughters
Cokie Roberts
Book Review

What Is Cancer Anyway?: Explaining Cancer of Children of All Ages
Karen L. Carney
Book Review

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