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Euthanaisa / Assisted Suicide

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Appointment With Doctor Death
Michael Betzold
Book Review

Assisted Suicide (Current Controversies)
Laura K. Egendorf
Book Review

Assisted Suicide: A Decision-Making Guide For Health Professionals
Stephen Jamison
Book Review

Assisted Suicide: Theory and Practice in Elective Death
C. G. Prado, S. J. Taylor
Book Review

Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia: Christian Moral Perspectives (The Washington Report)
The Committee on Medical Ethics, Diocese of Washington
Book Review

Basic Questions on Suicide and Euthanasia: Are They Ever Right?
Gary Stewart, John Frederic Kilner
Book Review

But What If She Wants to Die?: A Husband's Diary
George E. Delury
Book Review

The Case for Physician Assisted Suicide (Pandora Soap Box Series)
Sheila McLean, Alison Britton
Book Review

The Choice: Seasons of Loss and Renewal After a Father's Decision to Die
Judy Brown
Book Review

A Chosen Death: The Dying Confront Assisted Suicide
Lonny Shavelson
Book Review

Death As a Salesman: What's Wrong With Assisted Suicide
Brian P. Johnston
Book Review

The Death Debate: Ethical Issues in Suicide
Margaret Pabst Battin
Book Review

Denial of the Soul: Spiritual and Medical Perspectives on Euthanasia and Mortality
M. Scott Peck
Book Review

Doctor Assisted Suicide and the Euthanasia Movement (Ideas in Conflict)
Gary E. McCuen
Book Review

Drug Use in Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia
Margaret P. Battin, Arthur G. Lipman
Book Review

Dying with Dignity: A Plea for Personal Responsibility
Hans Kung
Book Review

The Ethics of Assisted Death: When Life Becomes a Burden Too Hard to Bear
Kenneth Cauthen
Book Review

Euthanasia: Opposing Viewpoints (Opposing Viewpoints Series)
James D. Torr
Book Review

Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide (For and Against)
Gerald Dworkin, R. G. Frey, Sissela Bok
Book Review


Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide: Killing or Caring?
Michael Manning
Book Review

Fatal Freedom
Thomas Stephen Szasz
Book Review

Final Wishes: A Cautionary Tale on Death, Dignity & Physician-Assisted Suicide
Paul Chamberlain
Book Review

How Shall We Die?: Helping Christians Debate Assisted Suicide
Sally B. Geis, Donald E. Messer
Book Review

Is Life Sacred?
Geoffrey G. Drutchas
Book Review

Jewish Approaches to Suicide, Martyrdom, and Euthanasia
Kalman J. Kaplan, Matthew Schwartz
Book Review

Last Rights?: Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia Debated
Michael M. Uhlmann, Ethics and Public Policy Center
Book Review

Last Wish
Betty Rollin
Book Review

Lethal Judgments: Assisted Suicide and American Law (Landmark Law Cases and American Society)
Melvin I. Urofsky
Book Review

Letting Go: Death, Dying, and the Law
Melvin I. Urofsky
Book Review

The Life and Death Dilemma
Joni Eareckson Tada
Book Review

A Midwife Through the Dying Process: Stories of Healing and Hard Choices at the End of Life
Timothy E. Quill
Book Review

Physician Assisted Suicide: Expanding the Debate (Reflective Bioethics)
Margaret P. Battin, Rosamond Rhodes, Anita Silvers
Book Review

Prescription Medicide: The Goodness of Planned Death
Jack Kevorkian
Book Review

Seduced by Death: Doctors, Patients and Assisted Suicide
Herbert Hendin
Book Review

Suicide: A Christian Response, Crucial Considerations For Choosing Life
Timothy J. Demy
Book Review

Suicide: Right or Wrong? (Contemporary Issues Series)
John Donnelly
Book Review

A Time to Die: The Place for Physician Assistance
Charles F. McKhann
Book Review

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