Helping Children Cope With Loss
Buz Overbeck & Joanie Overbeck


Helping Children Cope With Loss is a booklet comprised of fact sheets which will answer your questions on how to lead children toward healthy resolution of the trauma of loss. In this day of high divorce and unequaled violence, you need to recognize and be prepared to respond at a moments notice to the anxiety, confusion and grief brought on when a crisis touches the life of a child. Toward that end, this publication is invaluable.

This booklet is a concise, bulleted summary of important information for the parent, teacher, minister, counselor or health care professional who works closely with children on a daily basis.

Fact Sheets include information on the following:
- Concepts of death by age group -
- Grieving patterns by age group -
- Risk factors and childhood grief -
- What to do when a death occurs -
- Funerals and Meaninggul Rituals -
- Ther terminally ill child -
- When a child needs professional help -
- Death education for children -
- Concerning homicide / suicide / divorce -
- Helpling siblings cope with a loss -

And much, much more...

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