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Medical Errors

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The Book of Medical Mistakes
Martin Fido, Karen Fido
Book Review

Damages: One Family's Legal Struggles
in the World of Medicine
Barry Werth
Book Review

Death by HMO: The Jennifer Gigliello Story
Dorothy Rose Cancilla, Richard N. Cote
Book Review

Dying Unafraid
Fran Moreland Johns
Book Review

Error Reduction in Health Care: A Systems Approach
to Improving Patient Safety
Patrice L. Spath
Book Review

How to Protect Your Heart from Your Doctor
Howard H. Wayne
Book Review

Improving the Quality of the Medication Use Process:
Error Prevention and Reducing Adverse Drug Events
Alan Escovitz, Dev S. Pathak, Philip J. Schneider
Book Review

In Search of My Husband's Mind
Winnie Hirsch
Book Review

Medical Mishaps: Pieces of the Puzzle
Linda Mulcahy, Marilynn M. Rosenthal
Book Review

The Medical Racket: How Doctors, HMO's, and Hospitals
Are Failing the American Patient
Martin L. Gross
Book Review

Medical Records Review and Analysis
Charles C. Sharpe
Book Review

Medication Errors
Michael R. Cohen, American Pharmaceutical Association
Book Review

Medication Errors: The Nursing Experience
Zane Robinson Wolf
Book Review

Nursing Malpractice: Implications for Clinical
Practice and Nursing Education
Janet Pitts Beckmann
Book Review

Nursing Negligence: Analyzing Malpractice
in the Hospital Setting
Janet Pitts Beckmann
Book Review

Patient Beware-Doctor Take Care!
Edward Zebrowski
Book Review

Then Why Does it Still Hurt? A Book About HMO's,
Managed Care, Medical Malpractice and You
Jack Schroder
Book Review

To Err Is Human: Building a Safer Health System
Molla S. Donaldson Janet M. Corrigan Linda T. Kohn
Book Review

Wrongful Death
Sandra M. Gilbert
Book Review
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