Helping Older Adults Cope With Loss
Bert Hayslip, Jr., Ph.D.


The hallmark of aging is loss. As we grow older we inevitably must face the loss of those things we've worked so hard to acquire during our earlier years: health, relationships, talents and abilities, status, and independence. Very little has been written about older adults -- those 60 and older -- and the magnitude of losses they must endure, all leading to the loss of self -- death. And, most of these losses are in the last 10 or 20 years of life.

In this booklet, which conforms to the popular condensed, bulleted, "field manual" format of our other publications, Dr. Hayslip writes not only to educate professionals and family members, but to spotlight this often forgotten segment of our society. As a professor, researcher, and author in the fields of psychology, gerontology, and thanatology, he combines his knowledge of all three in an unequaled compendium of facts and key points that should open the hearts and minds of all who read it.

Fact sheets include the following:
- Loss and Aging -
- Differences in Loss Reactions -
- Nine Specific Losses -
- What is grief? -
- Stages and Phases of Grief -
- Normal and abnormal grief -
- Loss and the family system -
- Helping Older Adults Cope with Loss -
- Suggested Reading List -
- Useful Resources -

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