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In Loving Memory

by Sandi Antoni

Weep not for me my little sis,
you have to live your life or there is so much you'll miss that your voice I hear?
I'm sorry I was busy wiping away a tear.

Listen to me and get rid of the guilt,
it's time to enjoy the life you have built.

Sure, that's easy for you to say,
you don't have to deal with feeling you failed every day.

Don't you understand you couldn't live my life for me?
YOU were not in control of MY destiny.

Sure, but you trusted that I could help you with your pain,
how can I help but have all this baggage remain???

I know that you loved me and did all that you could,
it was my choice to leave, I just thought I should.

Didn't you know what that would do to me??
You left me holding so much of YOUR pain--can't you see?

You must understand, I didn't leave YOU,
I just left all the pain I knew.

Well Donna, it's been four years today since we lost you,
funny how the tears still burn.....still feel so new.

copyright Sandi Antoni
27 February 1996

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