The Night My Father Died

by R. Hall

I remember when my mother died
My father's heart was torn in two
He looked up to Heaven and he said
'Without her Lord, what will I do?

We've loved each other since childhood
She was also, my best friend'
Love and friendship - last forever
But life comes to an end

Dad grew weak as time passed by
Without Mam - he was not the same
At night he'd cry himself to sleep
And in sleep - he'd speak her name.

I was with him in his final hour
And through the tears I cried
In a 'vision'I saw love re-born
On the night my father died.

He softly whispered Mammy's name
The last word I heard him say
I saw a smile come upon his face
Before he quietly passed away.

And then, I heard my Mother's voice
I 'saw' her outside Heaven's gate. "I could not go in without you,
I begged God - please let me wait"

'You've stood here all this time for me?
You've waited outside Heaven's door?'
"It would not be Heaven - without you,
You've always been worth waiting for"

And as Dad took Mam by the hand
Heaven's gates were opened wide
Together again, together in love
God welcomed them inside.

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