it can occur at any time
it does not have a routine comes into your heart
like a nor' easter
creating havoc
with your emotions
I blubber
I sob
I cry
if you are offended
go away
I do not need you
in my life
you do not have to stay
and tell me
"get a grip"
"take your pills"
"pull yourself together"
my grief is deep
my pain goes to the very bottom of my soul
and you do not help
or ease the hurt
when you say words that are cold
I just pull back
behind my wall
it is safer there
no one to tellme what to do
or feel
I thought you understood
I was wrong
I will cry my tears alone
and not be critized
I do not need you in my life
please go away
I need to cry....

by Judith Melanie Mershon


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