Our darling little Laura
How we miss you so!
You were here for such a short time
Why did you have to go?
Even so, you touched our lives
And things will never be the same again.
Such a tiny, delicate creature
With your dainty, little hands.
We thought you were destined to be a ballerina,
You had such grace!
Oh, Laura! When we think of what might have been.
So many hopes and dreams were wrapped up in one tiny, little girl.
Six days is much too soon to say goodbye to you
And yet you will forever remain within our hearts.

by Cathy Graham


Angel Laura

A little angel came to earth to visit one day
She didn't have much time to stay and play,
She stayed six days and the time just flew
She brought such joy to all she knew

She taught us to make every moment count
The quality of time matters, not the amount,
Each day is a gift to be unwrapped with care
To be enjoyed with others whose love you share.

Now she is gone but her spirit remains
To help us cope with life's aches and pains,
Laura was an angel from the heavens above
Who brought us the gift of everlasting love.

by Cathy Graham


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