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The ABC's of Grief: A Handbook for Survivors (Death, Value and Meaning)
Christine A. Adams, John D. Morgan (Editor)

From the beautiful cover through the well crafted text (compassion, insight, resource information, inspiration) we have a book that will serve the bereaved and those who provide their care.

Here's the list ... absence, avoidance, anxiety, anger, accepting: a spiritual answer, belief, burden, bravery, ceremony, change, choices, continuing bonds, communication, condolences, denial, disorientation, despair, depression, disappointment in others, discover, emotions, endurance, fear, faith, fatigue, forgiveness, future, good-byes, built/shame, growth, gratitude, God, humanness, hurt feelings, hope, healing, immobility, isolation, identity confusion, inner peace, journaling, joy, kindness, loss, learning, love, moods, memories, meaning, memorialization, nights, numbness, obsessive thoughts, procrastination, perseverance, patience, progress, questioning, reality, religion, regrets, risk, resolution, shock, sadness, self-blame, stress, solitude, support, talking, time, transformation, uniqueness of grief, unfinished business, unanticipated tears, vulnerability, withdrawal, wisdom, Xmas: Christmas and holidays, yearnings, zest.

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