Absent from the Body: One Man's Clinical Death,
a Journey Through Heaven and Hell

Don Brubaker, Donald Brubaker, Mary B. Penney


Don Brubaker led a relatively normal life; happily married with three children and a busy broadcasting career, he rarely questioned life and death. After his heart attack, however, everything changed. Brubaker was clinically dead for 45 minutes. During this time he experienced the glory of heaven. He also journeyed into hell. Absent From The Body: One Man's Clinical Death, A Journey Through Heaven and Hell is the true story of Brubaker's life, before and after this fateful day. Absent From The Body also tells of the Brubaker family's struggle and ultimate survival after his experience, gives a detailed account of Brubaker's experiences in heaven and hell, comforts those in spiritual crisis, and shares the joy of hope and the importance of believing. Absent From The Body is a unique and inspiring story of interest to any who seek to understand and come to grips with the ultimate metaphysical questions of existence.


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