Acceptance Groups for Survivors: A Guide for Facilitators
(and all those who wish to gain peace of mind)
by Nancy Bauser


Nancy Bauser's book Acceptance Groups for Survivors is a well organized, intelligently tough but compassionately realistic guide for professionals leading groups of survivors of brain injury and other disabilities.

Politically correct victimhood rhetoric is conspicuously absent in her writing. Instead, she gives us a healing breath of fresh air, pure mental-emotional oxygen, for the survivors, their families, and friends.

Her clarity and spare, pithy style I found startling at times, and her focused, refreshing honesty in dealing with key issues for group members penetrated through irrelevancies like a laser.

Clearly, this is not a "library researched" book. Nancy Bauser has lived this. Which explains her book's unmistakable ring of authenticity.

Frank Farrelly ACSW
Madison, WI


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