Colorectal Cancer: A Thorough and Compassionate
Resource for Patients and Their Families
(American Cancer Society)

Bernard Levin, MD


For those concerned about prevention as well as those diagnosed with colorectal cancer, a comprehensive, knowledgeable resource under the aegis of the American Cancer Society. Levin (a colon and rectal cancer specialist at the University of Chicago's medical school) is realistic and reassuring: Colorectal cancer is among the most preventable forms of the disease; some basic lifestyle changes can help many lower their chances of developing it, and with early diagnosis and treatment, those who do get it have ``an excellent chance of full recovery.'' Levin first describes the structure of the digestive system and how cancer develops when something goes awry. He then looks at dietary measures (some recipes and menus included) and other strategies for warding off the disease. Levin then describes screening, early detection techniques, and diagnosis; information on surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments follows. Levin also discusses ``Alternative and Complementary Therapies,'' offering sound guidelines for evaluating these and incorporating them into a standard treatment plan. A final chapter considers the issues of living with the aftermath of successful treatment, as well as offering help for those for whom treatment has failed. Well organized and thorough, a sound, reassuring first resource for those facing the disease.


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