Acute Stress Disorder: A Handbook of Theory
Assessment and Treatment

Richard A. Bryant, Allison G. Harvey


Bryant and Harvey who are well known in the field of Acute Stress Disorder and Post traumatic Stress Disorder are authors of this excellent book. The content is suitable for those who work with traumatised individuals and provides a balanced account of research to date in this area while highlighting areas as yet to be researched.This book gives a useful account of methods used in the treatment of ASD and PTSD and tends to focus on cognitive behavioural methods mostly (in particular- Prolonged Exposure), unfortunately it does not really address biological theories and treatments available. Examples of clients traumas are given and methods of addressing these in a safe manner in every day practise situations. The background theories of Acute Stress Disorder are dealt with in three chapters ,two chapters deal with assessment and the remaining deal with management. Included in the appendix are the Acute Stress Disorder Interview and Acute Stress Disorder Scale which may be helpful to anyone involved in research.In addition to the tools listed in the appendix other assesment tools are also discussed. Overall however an excellent book which I am pleased to say was an easy read and most informative.
Reviewer: Dr.Eileen O Regan from Cork, Ireland


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