Adolescent Substance Abuse:
Assessment, Prevention, and Treatment

Oscar Gary Bukstein


Adolescent Substance Abuse offers readers a timely, in-depth review of all that is presently known about the causes, treatment, and prevention of substance abuse in adolescents. A valuable resource for clinicians and researchers alike, the book critically evaluates most theoretical models of drug abuse and abusers, and explores a wide range of issues concerning contributing biological factors. It covers classification, diagnosis, and assessment; epidemiology and risk factors; family and environmental variables; intervention strategies, prevention programs, and more.

The initial chapters of the book are devoted to an in-depth discussion of theoretical underpinnings. Beginning with a detailed overview of the historical-cultural context of adolescent substance use and abuse, the author moves on to explore the latest research into diagnosis, paying special attention to problems created by the use of various types of diagnostic criteria. He next turns his attention to etiological issues, examining all known and speculative biological, developmental, socioeconomic, and other factors that may give rise to substance abuse in the adolescent.

The remainder of the book is devoted entirely to clinical concerns. In addition to discussing, in depth, the assessment, diagnosis, and medical evaluation of adolescent substance abuse, Dr. Bukstein appraises numerous theory-based approaches to dealing with the problem, from traditional approaches grounded in Alcoholics Anonymous and the twelve-step philosophy to the aggressive use of pharmaceutical treatments. He also discusses psychiatric disorders that often exist in tandem with substance abuse in adolescents and explores their role in substance abuse behavior.

A comprehensive review of our current understanding of the causes and cures of adolescent substance abuse, and a rigorous, research-based guide to its clinical assessment, treatment, and prevention, Adolescent Substance Abuse is an indispensable resource for clinical and developmental psychologists, psychiatrists, drug counselors, social workers, and all mental health professionals who work with adolescents.


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