After the Tears, A Gentle Guide to Help
Children Understand Death

Diane Crandall


After The Tears: A Gentle Guide To Help Children Understand Death is a highly recommendable video that will be of immense service to parents, teachers, pastors, youth workers, hospice and hospital personnel help a child through the grieving process when a loved one dies. Diane Crandall draws upon her experience of 33 years as a devoted teacher to address this sensitive subject with passion and effective communication. Children begin by learning about the loss of a beloved pet, and then profess to the more difficult concept of losing a family member or friend. Diane also speak of Heaven and Jesus, suggesting a number of constructive activities that will help a child effective deal with the inevitable sense of loss. Sensitive, empathetic, informative, inspiring, effective, After The Tears is the best approach to helping children deal with the phenomenon of death on video to date.

This tape discusses a variety of healing activities such as how to create a memory book, send up a balloon message and more. Teachers, parents, youth leaders, pastors, hospice personnel and individuals in the educational field use this video to help children understand and cope with the subject of death and grief. A variety of positive activities are offered to help children work through their grief. A favorite part of the tape for many children is the Heavenly Message balloon note card activity. In this lesson each child writes a note to someone special they have lost and ties it to a bright balloon. It is wonderful to see children's spirits lift as they release the balloons. Anyone, regardless of age, will benefit from this healing lesson.

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book/Video Review


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