The AIDS Dictionary
Sarah Barbara Watstein, Karen Chandler, M.D.


Covering HIV, AIDS, and related conditions, The AIDS Dictionary addresses the diverse biological, epidemiological, and medical issues raised by the epidemic. Written by a longtime AIDS activist and advocate for social change with a practicing physician, this accessible A-to-Z resource provides definitions, discussions, and frank, practical advice in understandable and non-judgmental terms.

Concise, clear, and frank, The AIDS Dictionary covers:
Symptoms, diagnosis, transmission, infection, progression, and resistance Opportunistic infections and other related conditions;
Emotional and psychological effects on individuals, groups, and communities;
Treatments and strategies: approved antiretroviral and other drugs, combination drug therapies, nutrition, and experimental and alternative therapies;
Prevention: education, risk reduction, needle exchanges, safe sex, drugs, and vaccines;
Legal issues: confidentiality, housing, immigration, torts, and wills;
Financial issues: public benefits, managed care, and insurance;
Public policy issues: medical research, drug development, access to treatment, and allocation of resources;
Private service agencies and other volunteer groups;
Political issues: Aids activism, grassroots campaigns, and political organizing and much more.


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