The AIDS/HIV Support Handbook
Christina Polcari MSW, CSW


The number of people with HIV or AIDS is escalating rapidly. The probability that you will have some role in supporting, understanding, or caring for an HIV/AIDS patient is fast becoming a certainty. Are you prepared to help? Do you have time to read volumes on the subject? If the answer to either question is "no," then this publication is a *must* for your library.

Christina Polcari has condensed her vast experience and research into a concise, bulleted, well-organized handbook. There are no stories or fillers, just practical information -- practical ways to help. In this world of information overload --too much to read and no time to read it-- this format means you can immediately begin to help your friend, your client, your patient, your church member, your student, or your loved one.

Fact sheets include the following:

- Definitions: HIV, AIDS & Symptoms -
- How HIV is spread & progresses -
- The importance of safe sex -
- Nine myths about AIDS -
- Facts about HIV testing -
- What family and friends can do -
- How to comfort a dying person -
- Universal precautions for caregivers -
- Legal matters -
- Government medical insurance -
- Filing a disability claim -
- General knowledge quiz -

And much, much more...

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